Kioptrix Level 1 [Vulnhub] Walkthrough

Kioptrix is a boot to root challange which we can download from the vulnhub.First of all , we have to download and intall to our vmware or virtual box machine.


Kioptrix is a boot to root virtual machine which is hosted on Vulnhub. Description of the challenge. “This Kioptrix VM Image are easy challenges. The object of the game is to acquire root access via any means possible (except actually hacking the VM server or player).The purpose of these games are to learn the basic tools and techniques in vulnerability assessment and exploitation


  1. Scanning
  2. Enumeration
  3. Exploitation
  4. gain access to root

Tools for using this challenge

  1. Nmap
  2. Nikto
  3. Searchsploit

Turn on the kitoptrix machine and scan the victim ip address using the netdiscover.

Afterwards, we have to enumerate the open ports and protocols. at the moment, i used the nmap tool. nmap tool is good for scaning open ports and protocols.

nmap -A -p-

http port(80) is open. so , i tried to get some clue from the website.

i tried so hard but, i can’t find any clue from the web page . Therefore, i use nikto tool for vulnerability scaning .

nikto -host

In this scan i tried find big clue about the gain the root acces but, we can’t find the big clue eventhough, we find the server name , version and other information from the vulnerability scan.Afterwards, i use the searchspolit to find the exploit.

after that, i download the this file from the exploitdb.


  1. cd Downloads
  2. ls
  3. gcc -o 764 764.c -lcrypto

Now the exploit shows the various versions of Apache Server and the Operating system.From our nmap scan we get to know our OS and the Apache service version.

the service lable is “ 0x6b”

Eventually, we get the root access of the kioptrix level 1

However, this was a beginner boot2root machine of the Kioptrix series level 1. I think you are enjoing and feel motivated for doing this feild was wide and we have to learn each every moment.